ActionsPro Changelog

Below you'll find a list of all changes that have been made/implemented in ActionsPro theme since release.

If you have any questions with regards to any of the features and/or in general, we have both a community forum and a Customer support area for you to connect and get in touch!

1.0.2 February 15 2017

* NEW: Added 3 new action hooks "actions_in_head", "actions_before_body_class" and "actions_after_body_class" - FILE: header.php
* NEW: Added 1 new action hook "actions_body_end" - FILE: footer.php
* NEW: Added option to upload an image in place of the Parallax heading text.
* NEW: Added Top Header widgets with drag & drop options for better placements and support for custom menu widget.
* NEW: Implemented Automatic Updates - starting from v1.0.3 you can auto-update the theme on new version release.

1.0.1 - February 1 2017

* NEW: Added content area background color option
* NEW: Added font size and line height control to Typography sections.


Initial release.